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UPDATED 11-12-2019

Owner Financing Process

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Getting Started with our Owner Financing Program

We offer owner financing on all of our properties. This makes it easier to own property without having to deal with banks and mortgage companies. We are giving competitive terms on all of our properties. We have provided several topics below to explain step by step how the process works.


3 Easy steps to owning property

1) The first step in owning property starts with us generating a sales agreement, then both the Purchaser and Seller signs the agreement. (After you have decided on which parcel of land you would like to purchase, we will generate the agreement and email it to you)

2) The second step is for us to collect your down payment and a $350.00 processing fee. The processing fee is used to prepare your installment note and necessary legal documents.

3) The third step, Within a couple of days after the processing fee and down payment is received by us, we mail you a package with all the loan documents to be signed. Once you review the package, you will sign it, and return it to us in the enclosed envelope. After we receive your package back, the property is yours to enjoy within the limits of the protective covenants provided to you. to view these protective covenants, click here. We do not perform any credit checks nor do we report to any credit bureaus. There are no prepayment penalties in our loan documents. Once the loan has been paid off in full, then we schedule a final closing with an attorney. See the final closing paragraph at the bottom of this page.

Thats it, You now own your property!

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Other Helpful topics
Here are different methods of submitting payments-
We have four easy ways to make your monthly payments. 1) Payment by check, mailed to us at: Pay My Land Inc., PO Box 2065, Loganville, Georgia, 30052. 2) Auto check draft from your checking account. 3) Wire transfer directly from your account to ours. 4) Pay online at
For our pay online services visit or click
Pay My Land Make your land payments online
How are my monthly payments figured?
There are five parts that are used to determine your monthly payments.
  1. The first of the five, the interest rate is a * Fixed Interest Rate of 9.9%
  2. The second of the five, the down payment is 10% ( $3,490) down. $495 PROMOTION
  3. The third of the five, the amount of time the loan is financed is 15 or 20 years
  4. The fourth of five, is the loan amount that is financed to you. The loan amount is calculated by subtracting the down payment from your purchase price. Example $29,900 purchase price. $495 Down payment. Equals a loan amount of $29,405. ($29,900 - $495 = $29,405)
  5. The final part, the property taxes. We collect 1/12 of the property tax bill from you each month. The local County Tax Office will send us the annual property tax bill for your property each year, and we pay the taxes for you. We only collect monthly from you the amount that we estimate that your taxes will cost at the end of the year. Property taxes are approximately $20 - $40 per month.
In the event that you would like to pay more down payment than our minimum, we have provided a chart below that you may use to figure your monthly payments. Just fill in the blanks. The property taxes are not included in the chart below.




i Enter the total purchase price here
i Enter 9.9% here
i Enter 15 or 20 here
i Enter down payment here ($495.00)
i Here is your monthly payment


Property Taxes
Each year, every county in the state reevaluates the fair market value of properties and their millage rates, therefore you can't assume that your property taxes will remain the same year after year. Your real estate property taxes will be prorated on a monthly basis and added to your monthly payments. The monthly payments located on the property detail pages of does not include the annual property taxes. The tax bill is sent to the person that is on record at the Court House as of January 1st of every year, therefore, the County will send us the bill at the end of each year. We collect 1/12 of your taxes from you on a monthly basis, therefore, when the taxes becomes due to the County, we pay them. Example $480.55 / 12 = $40.05 per month. This is only an Example, this is not the amount that you will pay per month. Property taxes are approximately $20 - $40 per month. At the end of each year when we receive your tax bill from the County Tax office, if we have not collected enough from you through out the year, you will be expected to pay the short fall. We may adjust your monthly tax payments from time to time to have enough to pay your tax bill at the end of the year


Formal Closing
After the loan is paid in full, we will then schedule the final closing with a local attorney. The deed to the property will be transferred to the Purchaser at the time of the final closing. The Purchaser is responsible for their own closing cost. For a small postage fee, the final closing can also be done through the mail.







* Fixed Interest Rate - is an interest rate for a loan in which the interest rate does not change during the entire term of the loan, also called fixed interest rate.

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We are offering smaller parcels of land for sale in Georgia. The size of these acreage tracts starts from 1 acre and up. We are currently offering Owner Financing on these properties. We have land for sale in North Georgia, Central Georgia and Eastern Georgia. These properties would be great as an investment, country living, camping and family fun or a mini farm type environment. Our Eastern and Central properties located off Springfield and Edwards road were originally part of a larger Plantation. The hunting is great with an abundance of turkey, deer, dove and quail. We also have property located in the foothills of North Georgia, these properties have 40 year old hardwood timber all throughout the property.

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